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  • Restaurant
  • Chalet
  • Ranch home, 2 bedrooms, carport
  • 2 Bedroom Ranch, 5.065 acres

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*If you decide to purchase, follow these steps:*

  • Be honest with the agents, let them know your finances and debts. They are there to help you.
    They are familiar with different finances available and the criteria for each.
  • Have an agent prepare an offer signed by you.
  • Be prepared to make a good faith deposit. It will be returned to you if offer is not accepted. If accepted, the deposit will be applied towards purchase price.
  • Make sure you receive an estimated closing cost statement.
  • If financing is needed, make sure a mortgage contingency is included with your offer.
  • To insure clear title, make sure a title search is done.  Title insurance is a wise investment, also.

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